@jere87: hey i need you to do m a favor

@jdfrankel: Wait? Jeremy? you're not supposed to have internet access

@jere87: this is important 7 i cant access any of the channels
@jere87: thos are blocked
@jere87: but u gotta listen to me
@jere87: please

@jdfrankel: What's up? How did you get access to my priv?

@jere87: please
@jere87: time
@jere87: i need you to read this. dont share it
@jere87: i figured youre sharing more than u told me

@jdfrankel: Ok

@jere87: read this and keep going to xvi

@jdfrankel: is this going to put me at risk

@jere87: not with any man.
@jere87: tell my mom

@jdfrankel: tell her what

@jere87 has sent you a location