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Jeremy Hitchcroft Tharese was born on February 29th, 1984, in Pontiac, Michagan. His family was esteemed in the community—Jeremy's father Cliff Tharese was a psychologist, hailing from vaguely "up North" according to most, and his mother Makayla a hippie-turned-housewife. He was the first child, followed by two younger sisters and one younger brother. His sisters Jennifer (born in '89) and Esther (born in '91) both passed away in a car accident in 2004, but this was not the last tragedy this small family would encounter. In 1992, Cliff Tharese disappeared, never to be seen again. Then, the younger brother Edward (born in '86) was found dead in his apartment in 2014 due to a gas leak of unknown origin.

(Surprisingly, all these deaths happened after they moved to Wisconsin, despite the notoriety of Michagan.)

You probably thought this was a obituary, huh? No. I'm his lawyer, currently, and if he was dead he wouldn't be paying me. I assume.

Currently, he is in prison for tax fraud and larceny charges, neither of which seem to have much substantial evidence. There is something else going on with this case, something that we do not understand. Personally, I believe it is a cover-up. I just don't know for what yet. Despite all the evidence, somebody somewhere desperately needed an excuse to lock up this boring 40something man.

According to what I have found from this group—thank you guys, by the way—part of it may have to do with Jeremy's political extremism. Though it had little to do with the government, throughout his...theories...he alluded to government intervention, as if some form of authority is in control and either limiting him or part of a greater conspiracy to exact the evils he speaks about. But I can't help but wonder what, exactly, is so evil about these giants. I'm telling you guys this in confidence, of course, which is why I'm not using WhatsApp—ha—but many of his personal belongings that were taken in the search (which I have re-obtained for him, don't you worry) do not seem opposed to giants. There's one word that comes up frequently, though, which I can't place. What are "the Watchers" that he keeps talking about?

I went to a Jewish primary school, so we learned the Pentateuch and I know the Nephilim were supposedly giants. But what are the watchers? Who do they watch? Are they giants as well? And how come Jeremy is insistent that they killed his siblings and are coming for him next???

Everything I've shared is confidential and I will treat any new information from you guys as such as well. I just need to know, for myself more than anything, what is going on. What does this all mean? What are we to take from this? Please reach out to me at +1 6XX-XXX-XXXX or directly message me here. I will not mention any names unless you wish, but I'm willing to share some of the court information if it means getting answers. Please. And thank you all for all of your support thus far; I am eternally grateful.

—Jacob Frankel

Jeremy on his 29th birthday

Edward, late 2000s.

Makayla, the mother, in the early 1980s. No recent pictures of her seem to be available.

Other images of the family were difficult to find.