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"Local History Befuddles Citygoers"

Stephanie Matheson

The PS-49 Newspaper Club is overseen by Mrs. Jeannette Uris

April 29th, 2019

The small town of Wintello, WI has become popular on the internet as of late thanks to the
findings of some high school juniors who went through the library archives and uncovered some old folklore.
Of course, the nature of the internet is to believe everything you hear, so folklore soon became fact
and fiction took centerstage.

Specifically, they unearthed a legend from the late 17th century, held by the trade-focused settlers
or the local natives. Men that came from the earth, from caves and caverns and from within the massive
hills and valleys of the Driftless Region--some thought that the natives were just misinterpreting the
sight of the settlers, but many thought the opposite was also possible. Regardless, it seems that there
was a third party involved which neither group recognized!

This is what has captured the imagination of the Midwest's youth and a number of conspiracy theorists
alike. See what the notorious Alex Jones had to say on the matter: