The Oak High Tribune

December 14, 1967

Article excerpt

Honors student and known prodigy Matthew K., a sophomore this year, discusses his vacation to South America with one of our editors, Kayla Abrams.

KAYLA: So, Matty, tell us a bit about your vacation. Where did you go?

MATTHEW: Well, we have family in Obidos, so we went to visit them. And there’s a lot of forest. A lot of forest. So me and my cousin went exploring in this one area, right, and then—just—

KAYLA: You told us—me—before the interview that you saw some weird stuff. Was that what you saw when you were with your cousin?

MATTHEW: Um, yeah. Hold on. [...] We saw people, but—well, so on the other side of the forest there’s this lake that goes super deep, and we thought we’d go for a swim and all. No concerns or anything.

KAYLA: Okay.

MATTHEW: So, he dared me to go to the bottom, and I dared him, we kind of—it was a competition. And when we started getting lower—there were people there. Really big people. Half-buried, but their eyes were all open, stuck open. Anyhow, I was worried, but Timothy, uh, he said it was probably just statues or something. But—they didn’t look like statues. And I think Timothy knew something that I didn’t.

KAYLA: Okay. So…would you care to speculate?

MATTHEW: I don’t believe in fairies or Santa Claus or anything like that. But these fellows at the bottom of the lake looked like…giants?

End of excerpt

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